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Best car insurance companies in Qatar

Car insurance is obligatory in Qatar, it’s not a something that you may or may not do, instead, any new car must be insured for at least 12 months before being registered.

Driving without a valid car insurance is regarded as an illegal action in Qatar which is penalized, however, drivers may have a month grace if the 12-month period is over….

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10 Best 4x4s and SUVs to buy in 2016

If you are still setting your mind about buying a new SUV, it’s better to follow up with our list for the best SUVs in the world.

The list comprises the 10 best grand vehicles which stand, according to our point of view, as the most efficient and good-looking automobiles of this sort….

May 2, 2016No commentsBMW X5 | Ford Expedition | Jeep Cherokee | Kia sorento | Mercedes G Class | Nissan Patrol | Porsche Cayenne | Range Rover | Toyota Land Cruiser | Volvo XC90
Top 5 best car movies, you’ll fall in love with it

What is better than having a movie night with your family or friends and watching your favorite movie? Movies are a perfect getaway for most people which they use just to have a break from their bustling lifestyle and daily life, however, it’s an addiction for others.

You will find movie geeks always living in a screenplay, they cannot stop saying quotes said by movie stars, or comparing between their life incidents and scenes they saw in a movie….

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Best sedan cars to buy in Qatar & GCC

You woke up this morning, it’s sweltering, as always in GCC, and you don’t feel like waiting for a taxi or catching the next Metro train to work as always, and you have decided to buy a car.

Frankly speaking, buying a car became a must these days. Although transportation means now attach all cities with each other, but purchasing a car means more freedom, utter comfort, and happiness in general.

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It’s summer time. Check these Summer car care tips

It’s not yet the summer, but it’s getting warmer day after another and the cold hours are now over.

People are preparing themselves for summer vacations, some looking for good place for getaway, others sending emails to their managers asking for a week off, and all are feeling great.

Here, we thought about celebrating the summer in a new different way. We combined a number of critical tips to complement your summer trips and protect your car from any damages that could happen.

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5 Best Cars For Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are known to be those who were born after the Second World War during the period between 1946 and 1965. This means people who are between 50 and 70 years old.

Baby boomers are considered to be in the height of their financial situation. They are believed to have fulfilled all their basic needs of marriage, shelter (house), work, etc. and now they are supposedly enjoying a bit of their financial freedom.

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Lincoln Navigator 2016 Car Review

Lincoln is one of America’s most renowned car manufacturers that has reached with its progeny of automobiles nearly all areas on earth.

The car brand is operated by Ford Motor Company. It was established by Henry M. Leland in 1917 and acquired by ford in 1922.

Since day one, the founders of Lincoln brand have vowed to design and manufacture top-tier luxurious vehicles that have a remarkable ability in grabbing all looks.

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Most common car damages in GCC

No wonder that the GCC area is hot most of the year, it’s dry and desert climate could be adaptable for the nationals who got used to it, but it could bit difficult for vehicles.

The harsh ultraviolet rays and the hot weather due to the dry climate, rising sun, and scorched land could be hard on everything, especially vehicles.

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Best cars to drive on your Europe trip

So you are about to start the trip you have always dreamed of, touring around the European cities and localities to witness new cultures, civilizations, lifestyles, and above all, new experiences.

Trotting around the cities of the old continent isn’t an easy matter; it needs good planning, a well-defined budget, buddies of course to give you the best company, and a vehicle.

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