It’s summer time. Check these Summer car care tips

It’s summer time. Check these Summer car care tips

It’s not yet the summer, but it’s getting warmer day after another and the cold hours are now over.

People are preparing themselves for summer vacations, some looking for good place for getaway, others sending emails to their managers asking for a week off, and all are feeling great.

Here, we thought about celebrating the summer in a new different way. We combined a number of critical tips to complement your summer trips and protect your car from any damages that could happen.

Of course winter had taken a toll on the car. Now it’s time to inspect a number of details in your car, take some precautions, and handle some issues, in order to make your vehicle all set for the hazing days of the summer.

6 Important Summer Car Care Tips:-

6 Important Summer Car Care Tips

Car tires

Let’s start with the car tires since they are very critical to your and your car’s safety.

Take a good look at the four tires of your car, check if they have any cracks, bubbles, or look under-inflated. If you see any of these signs, it’s better to replace the tires and swap them with new ones.

Worn out tires can be detrimental for your car balance, handling, and can cause blow outs especially on long roads.

6 Important Summer Car Care Tips

The brakes

You know what rain water can do to your brake pads? The extreme temperature change from the high heat of using to the freezing water leads to pads corrosion.

You should check the brake pads once the winter is over and see if they have any significant wears or cracks. If you find any, replace them on spot, or ask your mechanic to do it for you.

6 Important Summer Car Care Tips

Car wash

To evade any case of print oxidization or cracks on your car’s exterior body, it’s better to have it cleaned and waxed every now and then.

Don’t forget also to clear the car cabin from any dirt stains or water on the seats lining or the mat.

6 Important Summer Car Care Tips

Check the engine oil

Pull the dipstick and check the oil color and level. If the oil stain on the stick meets the mark, then your oil level is accurate, but if it didn’t meet the mark, then you need to change the oil.

6 Important Summer Car Care Tips

Check the air conditioner

Summers, especially in GCC region, means scorched heat, high temperature hitting in most cases 50 degrees, and warm nights with hot air blows.

So, you don’t to get into the middle of these tough conditions with broken or weak air conditioning system. It’s better to get the whole air conditioning system checked by your mechanic or the car agency to get everything settled before the hot days of the summer.


Do the little details

A new season is a very good opportunity to look at your car one more time and get these small details done with.

If you have any cracks in the head or tail lights, scratches on the doors or the car hood, or an unleveled bumper, it’s better to start fixing these problems before going on the summer trips.

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