Tesla Model 3 | The last we know about it !!

Tesla Model 3 | The last we know about it !!

Lately, the renowned electric cars manufacturer “Tesla” has announced launching its new offset “Model 3”.

The car has grabbed a lot of attention worldwide. It secured around 180,000 reservations during the first day of its sales launch.

Just before demonstrating more specs about Tesla’s latest car, let’s lay down a foundation briefly by introducing a small overview on Tesla Auto Company.

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Motors Company is named after the famous electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, it was established in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.

The company gained a lot of attention worldwide in 2008 after introducing its first car “Tesla Roadster” which is a battery electric vehicle sports car.

Later on, the company followed the Roadster with other different models which achieved a lot of success too including the Model S which is a fully electric luxury sedan, and the Model X.

Both cars made a lot of success, especially the Model S which was ranked the world’s second best-selling electric car after Nissan’s Leaf last December only three years after first hitting the markets in 2012.

Now, the company is set to launch its latest electric car model “Model 3”. The Model 3 is expected to achieve better sales than its past two models.

Tesla Model 3

Model 3

Tesla unleashed the new model in March 31, 2016. The first delivery of the car will be introduced in the market by 2017.

The “Model 3” is expected to be more affordable than the past models with a price starting from 30,000 thousand dollars.

The Model 3 has a unique and distinctive design different from the Model S and bit smaller. It offers many favorable features including longer range (320 kilometers), affordable price, and a good performance with a lot of Model S technologies incorporated in it.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Auto Company is regarding the Model 3 as a real qualitative leap for the whole company. The vehicle is expected to get the company into the real profitability phase.

Elon Musk, CEO and a co-founder of Tesla, said that the company targets selling 500,000 cars per year mostly of Model 3.

A number of officials inside the company stated that most researchers and engineers are focusing on tuning the Model 3 instead of Model S and Model X.


The car specs

The new model “Model 3” will be responsible for bringing the electric car technology to the masses thanks to its affordable price and competitive car specs.

The Model 3 offers long range of 215 miles and a good capacity for super charging.

In respect of safety standards, the car will achieve 5-star safety ratings in each category. This resembles Tesla’s orientation towards safety as well as green energy and environment-friendly technologies.

The car features big interior cabin space, nifty dashboard in style and design, and a large touchscreen of 15 inchs that is placed perfectly in the center of the dash.

Moreover, the vehicle features a sharp and attractive design that looks a bit like a Maserati especially in its hood.

For Tisla’s satisfaction, the car got a lot of positive feedback after its debut from normal speculators, experts, and electric cars lovers.

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