About us


Auto Z offers the latest models from the leading vehicle brands and a wide range of pre-owned vehicles from all over the world with the best prices ever, that you can’t imagine. Auto Z also rents different types of vehicles in Qatar with great deals. In addition to that, all pre-owned cars here in Auto Z are inspected and certified with a full report.

Auto Z is also the Qatar’s first stop shop that is transforming the vehicle retail industry in Qatar. It provides the customers with a vast range of spare parts and accessories. It also the place you can trust in repairing and maintaining your vehicle. Auto Z ensures the required standards that the customer is waiting for and expecting. Whether you have periodic maintenance, a major or a minor damage, Auto Z will find you the proper solution, because of the trained and certified staff that carries out the service, maintenance and repairs using the latest technology.

Auto Z’s sales advisors are also trained and certified, to ensure the customer satisfaction at every stage and to help in finding the perfect vehicle for the customer’s requirements.

Auto Z’s services include:

1) Regular maintenance that protects your vehicle by keeping it running always in a good condition.

2) Complete body repair, painting and frame straightening by using advanced equipment.

3) Wheel alignment, wheel balance, and suspension check-up.

4) Exterior and interior polishing/detailing. Polishing deep cleans the paint by removing oxidation, screeches, spotting, old wax, and swirl marks. Interior detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior (the dash area, panel windows, seats, and carpets).

5) Accessory installations are performed by qualified technicians.


Visit Auto Z, it’s not only a normal car showroom that contains the new vehicles’ models of the famous brands like Bentley, Ferrari, Dodge etc.. , but also it’s a service center that provides the customer with quality services. Auto Z had its reputation by relying on the satisfaction and the long-term relationships with its clients.

Service center

At Auto Z Car service, you’ll discover an unsurpassed level of service with the highest of technical standards to meet every need.

Whether you have periodic maintenance, major damage or a minor mishap, our highly qualified staff have the proper solution to deal with your.
No-one else offers you all this :

  • Exterior & interior polishing / detailing
  • properly cleaning and polishing makes a world of difference to glass duration of the paint . Polishing actually deep cleans the paint by removing oxidation, screeches, spotting, old wax, swirl marks
  • interior detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior. All of the dash area . panels windows , seats and carpets are clean extensively .
  • Heat and light rejection windows Tinting . The benefit of fitting a high performance heat and light rejection windows film is instantly noticeable once you step inside your car .

Regular services ( maintenance )

You can avoid unexpected costly repairs in the future by taking care of your vehicle on a regular basis, Regular maintenance protects your vehicle and your investment by keeping it running in good condition

Body shop and painting

Complete body repair & printing and frame straightening by using advanced equipment
Our goal is to provide you with high quality auto body and collision repair services for you safety .

Mechanical and Electricity Repair

Auto Z provides state of the art mechanical and electrical repairs . Providing work well done, finished on time and at a fire price .
Tyre service station
Wheel alignment, wheel balance , suspension check-up.

Accessory installation

Accessory installations be performed only a trained and qualified accessory installation technicians . The all in our state of the art service Center. AutoZ is the largest, latest equipment and tools and most advanced at its kind in Qatar