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Wheels Worth $250,000 Stolen in Less Than 2 Hours

Seems like cars aren’t safe, even while standing at the dealerships before being sold to customers. A car show in Texas was surrounded by high steel fence, completely locked, and had extremely meticulous surveillance, but still, got stolen by a bunch of breakers.

Peltier Chevrolet show in Tyler, Texas knew that the hard way as a group of thieves broke in the place and stole the wheels and the tires of the cars. The whole stock of cars was ripped off its wheels and tires counting 48 vehicles.


Security cameras covering the location have succeeded in spotting the thieves. According to Automotive News, the cameras showed a van stopping by the place around 1:30 AM. However, the culprits’ identifications weren’t yet clarified.


Nifty plan

The thief had a well-drawn plan to execute their crime. First, they knocked out the bright spotlights illuminating the whole area, then they broke the locks of the main gate located behind the dealership and stormed into the lot.

It only took them a couple of hours to pinch wheels and tires worth a large sum, estimated to be 250,000 dollars. Not bad, huh?


Safety inspection

Cars were left on blocks; however, the culprits weren’t really careful with the cars as many of them appear to be damaged.

The general manager of the dealership “David Bates” said that the agency will go through a full safety inspection to check out the conducted safety and security measures.

He assured that the dealership will get the wheels and the tires replaced as soon as possible since they have already contacted their insurance company.

At the end, Bates showed a lot of steadiness assuring that his agency can go through it despite how rough the situation is.


Something fishy

The mal safety and security techniques adapted in the dealership raise dozens of questions and suspicions given the smoothness of the crime.

Not only did the thieves target the valuable Chevy vehicles, but they also hit inexpensive Camaros and Traverses which was noted as very off-beat.

This is not the first time for Tyler, Texas to witness such a crime. Police officers confirmed that another car dealership was hit by a similar crime last year. That’s why they believe that the town’s car dealerships are being targeted by a ring of skilled thieves.

The police forces are currently putting the case under investigation. Tyler Police Department offers 1,000 dollars for anyone submitting any piece of information that could lead to the culprits’ identities.

Despite how degenerate the crime is, but the thieves capabilities seem to be incredible in getting off wheels. How did they manage to yank the four wheels of 48 cars in only two hours??

Now the culprits have to enjoy spending the whole lot of money without being caught, which needs some nifty skills, not less than the set of skills they have in snatching wheels off standing cars.

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Four Ways to Boost the Vitality of Your Car

Boosting the performance of any car depends on increasing its vitality against fuel consumption. In other words, it’s by making it more efficient in consuming gas. To make it do more work with less fuel.

However, if you don’t like to be gas dependent, or if you have been doubting about other factors that weigh in the vehicle’s vitality then we would cheerfully like to tell you that you’re right, and yes there are other factors that can make a difference.

Actually there are four perfect ways to boost the vigor of your vehicle without affecting the gas. We will demonstrate these four ways here, one after another.

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Dodge Durango to Get its Performance Improved

Talks have been evolving for years about a prospective boost of Dodge Durango performance. But this time, it’s confirmed.

After 5 years of speculations and expectations. A confirmation has been in recently from the US-based company.

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Car Renting Tips in Qatar

Today, Qatar became a touristic traction point since thousands of foreign tourists flock every year to visit it, especially in the latter period.

The government is working on bolstering the state’s status as an international tourism destination; this comes by hosting 2022 World Cup and various other notable events.

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New battery from Tesla Company

Tesla Company has announced in August coming up with a new battery that will enable its new Tesla model “Model S” to bolt from 0 to 100 km/h in about 2.5 seconds. In another words, the company said that the recently invented battery could make the new car the fastest production vehicle on earth.

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Self Driving Ford to Break In Markets By 2021

For further complementation of car lovers worldwide, the American multinational automaker has announced releasing its first self-driving vehicle in 2021.

Ford is a historic cars manufacturer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit City. The company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903 to build a great legacy of auto industry since then.

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Quick Overview On 2017 Lexus LS

Lexus LS has been in market since 1989, and gained a great reputation since then to be the primary full-sized luxury sedan in the whole Lexus collection.

Since its launch, the model witnessed four totally different generations all created to push the boundaries of sedan cars production higher and set new standards in this field.

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BMW M4 Runs Into Ferrari California In Lithuania

In a devastating scene for any car lover living in this world, a frozen red BMW M4 has crashed into a Ferrari California in the center of Palanga, Lithuania. The accident took place last month and since then, the images of the two crashing cars went viral on the internet.

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American Cars that Changed The Automotive World

The United States of America has always been the world’s main production and invention hub of cars industry.

The V8 engine, electric starter, car stereo, electric starter, and of course the notorious muscle car are all sheer American creations that had a great effect on the whole industry.

America’s role in the industry left a significant mark in people’s interaction with their cars, it turned them to be essential part of our lives.

We gathered here a group of very exotic American cars that truly changed the automotive landscape, despite that not all of them were sales success.


  • Tucker

Tucker car in Qatar

By the turn of the 40s, most of the manufactured vehicles were still inspired by pre-war models, until the staid beast Tucker 48 appeared.

The vehicle looked like it came from the future, it had new features like reinforced passenger cell, third front light, and padded dash.

The company gained national recognition straight after the production of the car, however, the success didn’t last for long as the company collapsed only after building 51 models of this car.

The company’s shutdown was known as national scandal, it urged the US government to intervene and indict some of the executives for fraud.

Due to its rarity and popularity, the Tucker models became very valuable. A Tucker was sold in August 2014 for 1,567,500 dollars.


  • Cadillac Eldorado

cadillac eldorado in Qatar

It’s a true automotive gem that still shines until our day. By its first launch in 1953, Eldorado gained huge success and attracted many famous buyers including President Eisenhower and Elvis Persely, it became a true symbol of luxury and nicety.

Proving that its elegant body design still draws buyer’s attention until now, an 1958 model of Eldorado was sold this year at an auction in USA for 148,000 dollars.


  • Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette in Qatar

The Corvette was introduced by Chevrolet for the first time in 1953 to be America’s first locally-produced sports car. The first edition of Corvette had a v6 engine, however, it was known for being pretty slow and unreliable.

In 1955, Chevrolet boosted the Corvette’s performance by improving some of its main qualities and features. This time, Corvette gained public’s recognition and became America’s most beloved sports car.

It looks like there is still some love remained for this Corvette these days, a 1967 model was sold for 3.85 million dollars making it the most expensive Corvette in history.


  • Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang in Qatar

With all confidence we can assume that Ford Mustang is still the top American muscle car of all time.

Introduced in 1964, Mustang represented a magnificent mixture that made it very appealing for youth, it was affordable, sporty, and efficient.

Despite being in a fierce competition with other sports models like Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Plymouth barracuda, and AMC Javelin, Mustang sold 1.7 million models in the first 36 months of its production.


  • Ford GT

Ford GT

In 2004, Ford revived the long-gone GT40 racer in the modern Ford GT which shared many of its traits, especially in the outer look and design.

The new GT had a 5.4 liter V8 engine, it could make it from zero to 100 km/h in 3 seconds only.

Despite its exotic capabilities, the car production stopped only after building 4,038 models.

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5 Awesome Cars That We Hope To See Again

Not all good cars were lucky with the market, some cars just couldn’t fit in market’s variables and proportions for rational, and sometimes, irrational reasons.

Some car models and brands haven’t left us for many years with longstanding strong presence, other cars were lucky enough to continue despite having some issues, while there were some cars that disappeared from international markets although they gained very positive credit from gear-heads and consumers.

We picked 5 examples of these unlucky car brands and models that, according to our assumptions, deserved better recognition in the car market.


Mazda RX-7

Mazda-RX-7-FD in Qatar

Despite that this Japanese sports car didn’t find much love when first introduced in 1991, it’s now one of the most sought-after cars of the 90s.

The RX-7 couldn’t prove its capabilities back then in the nineties, it was even discontinued in 1995.

Its successor (RX-8) had some competitive features such as 50/50 weigh distribution, great handling, and high-revving rotary engine, but it’s not as good as the RX-7 leaving masses of car lovers longing for golden days of the 90s.


Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger cars in Qatar

The Ranger has set the standard in pick-up segment for more than 29 years, it has always been a good example for its other fellows of the same kind.

Its ferocious look, sheer power, and simplicity made it dearly missed in USA where its production has ended since 2011.



Chevrolet SS

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Qatar

The SS didn’t gain much sales success despite having some special features like 415 horsepower Corvette engine, unique look, full-size, and many other.

Many are looking forward to seeing a reproduction of the SS with more refined capabilities, sharper look, and better features.



Saab cars in Qatar

The Swedish car brand “Saab Automobile” has a long respectful history in manufacturing top-notch vehicles, it spread its offsets in many locations around the globe and used to have a formidable basis of multi-national consumers.

The company closed its doors for the last time in 2011. It’s currently a part of a Chinese conglomerate and it’s not expected to build any new cars, at least in the near future.

In all its cars, Saab had a unique combination between sportiness, luxury, technology, and smart look.

As a matter of fact, the problem of Saab closure shocked most of the world gear-heads since the brand is known for producing extremely innovative car models. It gained good share of European markets and had a series of fierce competition with other Swedish and German car brands.


Nissan Pulsar NX

Nissan Pulsar in Qatar

The introduction of Pulsar NX by Nissan didn’t feel right back then in the 90s, the car witnessed terrible sales performance which urged the company to put its whole production line to a halt.

The design of Pulsar was based on Sentra but with some twists and turns added to it like the modular body.

Pulsar was changeable, its hood and hatchback were removable so it can transform into a coupe, convertible, pick up, or a station wagon vehicle.

Despite its weak performance in market, Pulsar was a nice try and a real endeavor from Nissan that we’d love to see again in the near future.

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