Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf R Go Head to Head

Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf R Go Head to Head

Two of the world’s most popular hatchback vehicles (Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf R) were recorded in a video last month competing in a head to head drag.

The video, which is a part of the pop automotive show “head to head” hosted by Jason Cammisa and Jonny Liberman, went viral on the internet to be viewed by thousands of internet users.

The core of the race was to find which hatch is more worthy than the other, is it the well-mannered German vehicle, or the German bruiser.


Qualities of both cars

Under the hood of the Golf R there is an able 2.0 liter engine that is capable of generating 292 horsepower in addition to 280 Ib-ft of torque.

While on the other track of the circuit there is Focus RS which features a 2.3 liter engine of four cylinders capable of producing 350 horsepower and 350 Ib-ft of torque.

Both cars were pretty at variance with each other as every one left a quiet unique impression with its driver. The VW offered a great driving quality, compared to that of an AMG-S Class, according to the program host Cammisa.

The Ford was a lot more sensible, it offered more power despite its harsh and noisy cabin. Liberman said that the car gave the most proficient front-wheel-drive experience.

Both cars were hectic on the asphalt giving a pretty unforgettable racing experience for all watchers, thanks to their unrivaled qualities and experienced drivers as well.



Both cars feature pretty similar prices, they are vested in the same range, however the Ford Focus RS is pretty higher in price with just a bunch of dollars.

The base price of the VW is 36,470 dollars while the base price for the Ford Focus RS is 36,775 dollars. Despite that, the difference got bit wider for cars’ featured prices as tested since the Ford recorded 42,245 dollars while the Golf was for 40,010 dollars.


The finish line

Unfortunately, both cars can’t be announced as winner, only one must be picked despite how fabulous they both perform on the roads.

On a side margin, it’s important to note that most hatchback cars are amazing when comes to stability, handling, and horsepower, especially these two cars.

The Golf is fun to ride, but the Ford got the trophy as it showed better performance. It does drifts, it’s faster in drag race, it’s faster on ordinary race track, and above all that, its color looked more beautiful.

The out-performance of the Ford is largely attributed to its higher torque and its better tires.

So, by the end of the show, both hosts summed it up by announcing the Ford Focus as a winner, not only because it was the first to finish the race, but also because it’s cheaper, it looks better, and it’s more practical on urban cities roads.

At the end, this is not a final verdict on any of these cars, it’s just a point of view given by two ordinary car lovers which could be refuted in many different ways. So, don’t take it so seriously and count as a simple opinion from a friend.

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