What to check when buying a used car?

What to check when buying a used car?

We are still on the same track of providing a number of substantial tips to those willing to buy new cars. This piece will stand as a guide for those purchasing the first car in their lives.

Buying a used car could be a bit tricky. It may be less-expensive than brand new cars, but it needs a bit of scrutiny especially from the buyers’ part.

You should be very careful while getting involved in such a process. Being a second-user of a car could be worrying. Well, no need for that, you just have to follow these steps in order to ensure the car capabilities and get assured of its performance.

So, What to check when buying a new car?


  • Check the outer body

There are many points to consider checking while purchasing a used car. It’s important to start with the car’s form.

Make sure the vehicle is on level ground, this is important the tires’ condition and find out if they have equal air pressure.

You should also take a close look at each of the car’s tires. Look for any scratches or cracks, if you find any, replace the damaged tire on the spot.

We know that the car body means a lot for you, it’s important that the car has the looks. Take a close look at each and every corner of the car’s body, check for hits or scratches. It’s important also to check the car trunk to make sure it is in good condition.


  • The car frame

Check the bumpers and the car fenders. If the car looks uneven while standing still, this could mean there is a problem with its frame, may be and old accident or something. So check the car frames and inspect them for any welding marks or scratches.

What to check when buying a used car?

  • Under the hood

This part is only for experienced people, if you are not one of them, it’s better to get assistance from a car mechanic.

However, there are some simple matters you should be able to inspect by yourself like the hoses or belts. All hoses and belts must look intact, they should have no scratches or marks.

The engine oil is also a simple matter, pull out the engine dipstick and find out if the car has enough, clean, and unburnt oil.

If the car is safely elevated, it’s better to take a look under the car. Check the exhaust if it’s intact. It shouldn’t have any scratches, welding marks, or black spots. The occurrence of any of these marks may indicate leaking.

What to check when buying a used car?

  • The inner cabin

Now, it’s time to get into the car. You have to check the seats and the upholstery of the salon. Also, don’t forget to check the air conditioner, you have to make sure it is well preforming.

The mileage in the dashboard is another important spot to look at. It indicates the car age as a normal driver should drive from 16,000 to 24,000 kms a year. By checking the mileage you will have an idea about the car’s usage rate and its age.


  • Take a quick drive

Start the engine and ask the current owner for a quick drive. While driving around check the lights, the indicators and the speed gauge. You should make sure also that the suspension, brakes, accelerator, transmission system, and the handling are intact.

To get sure about the car’s status, it’s better to take advantage of a second thought, how about grabbing a friend or a relative while checking the car to get his feedback as well.

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