The World’s Most Expensive Car

The World’s Most Expensive Car

A lot of car lovers wonder from time to time about the world’s most expensive vehicle. Well, we thought about unraveling the world’s most expensive car, at least for this period of time.

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Cars are a gigantic market that covers the whole world and records thousands of deals worth millions of dollars every day, prices are always rising, and updates never stop every minute, even every second.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Car deals prices aren’t static as they are subjected to the matter of supply, demand, and human preferences. However, the most expensive car deals, at least for the moment, is the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO.

According to Bloomberg, the Ferrari was sold in October 2013 for 52 million dollars. It’s worth mentioning that the car buyer is still anonymous until the moment while the old owner was the famous car collector Paul Pappalardo.


What is so special about it

Well, it’s classic, and as we all know, classic cars are always precious and valuable. Moreover, it has something that no other car has.

This vehicle is like the Mona Lisa, it has something mystique about it that makes it stand out all other vehicles, according to Don Williams, the owner of Black-hawk Collection.

The Ferrari 250 GTO has only 39 other copies, however, this particular model has won the 1963 Tour de France driven by the renowned driver Jean Guichet.



Ferrari 250 GTO History

Ferrari 250 GTO History

So that’s what it is all about, not only its classiness, fancy look, and uniqueness, but also history. This vehicle marks an extraordinary event of history.

It’s like owning the sword of a noble conqueror, the pistol of Montgomery, Pelle’s football, or the pen which William Shakespeare used to write his plays and novels.

Having such a car is like having a window to view a special part of the history, to sit where legends sat, to hear the same sound only a few people heard, and to own something that made history.


GTOs owners


Ferrari 250 GTO

The other models of Ferrari 250 GTO are also owned notable and renowned figures including Fashion designer Ralph Lauren, the chairman of Walmart chain S. Rob Walton, former Microsoft president Jon Shirley, Baron Laidlaw who is the 105th richest person in UK, and many other figures.

Ferrari GTO is considered one of the easiest means of investment since it is always sought-after by many wealthy individuals.


Car specs

Ferrari 250 GTO Engine

Ferrari 250 GTO Engine

This specimen from Ferrari was principally made to win races. It has a 3.0 liter engine of 12 valves that is capable of producing around 300 horse power. The vehicle can bolt from 0 to 100 kmph in 6.2 seconds and its top speed is 254 kms, great specs actually for an early sixties industry.

The GTO has an exotic outer design that is timeless and still esteemed until the moment.

The vehicle’s starting price is 6,000 sterling pounds, however, the price increased over the years since 1963 until the moment to reach around 15 million pounds. Great investment, isn’t it?

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