New battery from Tesla Company

New battery from Tesla Company

Tesla Company has announced in August coming up with a new battery that will enable its new Tesla model “Model S” to bolt from 0 to 100 km/h in about 2.5 seconds. In another words, the company said that the recently invented battery could make the new car the fastest production vehicle on earth.

The company said in a blog published on its official website that this acceleration rate was achieved before in Porshce 918 Spyder and LaFerrari, but both cars are limited production and are no longer available for sale. This will make Model S the fastest exiting production car in the world.

Compared to the Spyder and LaFerrari, the Tesla new speedie car will be way cheaper. Its price will start from 134,000 dollars.

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P100 battery

Tesla’s new battery is called “P100D”. The P is for performance, the new battery will be installed in the new models like the Model S sedans and the Model X SUVs.

The new Model S, or as called “the ludicrous model” is unquestionably expensive, which contradicts with Tesla’s main policy. However, the company assured that the sale of each model will support its endeavor in producing the more affordable Tesla Model 3 car, which is still in development.

So, the more sales the company achieves on selling the Model S and the Model X cars, the more it will be able to fund the development of the Model 3. It’s awaited to be a real breakthrough in auto production since it will be the first practical electric car.

The new battery will also give the Model S longer range. It will add extra 315 miles before it needs to charge.

Moreover, the Model X will be able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in about 2.9 seconds, which is a perfect rate. Also, the car’s range will increase to be 289 miles.

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Ask for the upgrade

Buyers of Tesla cars with P90D battery can ask for a replacement. They can upgrade to the P100D battery for an addition 10,000 dollars.

Also the owners of the cars can exchange their batteries with the new ones for only 20,000 dollars. It’s worth noting that the payment includes the battery recycling fee.

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New vehicles by next year

In another respect, Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla has mentioned last month that he plans to unravel two new models by the next year.

The new cars, a mini-bus and a semi-truck, will appear sometime before spring 2017. He expected the two vehicles to enter production before in less than five years.

No firm timetable has been issued for the exact date of the cars issuance. They are only part of Musk’s master plan to expand Tesla’s product offerings.

The semi-truck will be built for cargo transportation, while the main concept of the new mini-bus is providing more efficient commuting. The small bus will be built on a Model X platform.

The new cars are regarded as a new endeavor from Elon Musk to boost the company’s revenues since it has been bleeding money for a while. Production of the Model 3 car and the establishment of the battery factory have proven to be heavy burden on the company’s finances, they are costing more than anticipated.

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