What Is A Network Jamming Vehicle ?

What Is A Network Jamming Vehicle ?

It’s always fun, and annoying also, to view the presidential motorcades running through traffic. A convoy of black massive SUV s and motorcycles to protect a significant figure either a head of state, a minister or an ambassador.

They all look the same for all spectators, except this huge SUV that has a series of black spikes or antennae which looks distinguishable and run along with the convoy, have you ever wondered about its role?

Well, this one is really vital for ensuring security. It has a significant role that can’t be done by any human being, yet it’s substantial, especially these days.

American President Cars

Vehicle role

This black SUV is capable of jamming phone or any kind of wireless network in the area surrounding the procession for sake of security.

The vehicle is equipped to encounter any kind of wireless communication waves produced by any electronic device.

Encountering or jamming any kind of communication wave is very purposeful. Although the vehicle can temporary prevent your mobile from accessing the cellular network while passing by, it can prevent any remote detonator from working by jamming the whole network.


Vehicle specs and proportions

It’s massive, even compared to any other SUV, but that’s essential since the jamming machine is a bit huge.

Germany is known for manufacturing such vehicles. Besides the jamming device, the vehicle is provided with thick armor, tracking devices, weapons, and capable engine.

The vehicle price varies from 600,000 to one million dollar per each. Pretty costly, but it has proved to be very effecting in avoiding terrorist attacks.


The beast


Yet the jamming vehicle is now the only wonder in presidential security motorcades. ‘The beast’ or the President Obama’s Cadillac limousine is one of the most famous vehicles that drew a lot of attention.

The vehicle has a plated armor of 8-inch thick. It’s made of steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramic.

‘The beast’ was designed by US Secret Service to serve as Obama’s special limo. It’s a moving fortress that is absolutely impenetrable by bullets or bombs.

The car was manufactured by GM production line in Detroit. Many information about the vehicle is classified such as its weight and its top speed, however, we know that it has a gasoline V8 engine and a steel plate extended underneath it to protect from booby traps and grenades.

The car cabin is completely sealed to protect its passengers from any biochemical attack, moreover, its tires are reinforced to be puncture resistant. Even if the tires were blown out for any reason, the steel rims can still make the car roll for many miles.


Roaming the world

The car travels with Barrack Obama wherever he goes, it’s like his trusted special bodyguard. The beast is 18 feet long and 5’10″ tall.

It is directly connected to the Pentagon with a special direct line and it has a built-in satellite phone for different uses.

There are 12 models of the beast all parked in a carefully secured and hall that lies beneath the Secret Service’s headquarters.

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