The Most Dangerous Cars In Automotive History

The Most Dangerous Cars In Automotive History

No doubt the last thing you want to think about is having an accident with your new vehicle you’ve recently bought.

Numerous accidents are happening everyday all around the world, they take place for many reasons, could be the road safety, human fault, or malfunction in car manufacturing.

Many cars produced over the course of the last 100 years were presumed as dangerous due to defective installation in their production.

Even major international car manufacturers were involved in producing dangerous cars that put, or still putting until the moment, thousands of lives in extreme danger.

Between these infamous cars, we gathered a number of them in the following part in order not to buy any of them while looking for a new vehicle.


Ford T

It’s an automotive icon of failure, despite achieving financial success in market as it sold more than 15 million models, the car turned to be a death trap. It’s enough to say that the car didn’t have front brakes.

Back then when it was first introduced to public in 1908, the car had “modern” features according to the standards of this time like headlights, horn, and windshield.


Chevrolet Corvair

Chevrolet Corvair

Do not get fooled by its classic and streamlined body design, this model was described to be ‘’Un safe at any speed’’ according to the writer and political activist Ralph Nader.


Porsche 911

No doubt it’s one of the greatest sports cars in the world for many reasons, but it was also responsible for many accidents caused due to dangerous over-steering.

911’s engine was placed in the back of the car so far behind the rear axle, which made the car suspension and stability a complete mess.

Porsche engineers back then tried to solve the car’s weight imbalance by placing iron weights in the front bumpers. A solution that proved to be effective actually.


DeLorean DMC-12

The car known for its appearance in the famous American movie “Back to the future” and its gull-wing doors.

Despite its popularity, it was known for being totally unsafe. The stainless steel body made it very fragile, also its gull-wing doors didn’t open in case the car rolled over.

Only 6,500 cars survived out of 9,200 thanks to the car’s weak body and low safety measures.


Yugo GV

Yugo GV

Yugo GV (for “Great Value”) is a Serbian version of an Italian small and economic vehicle. After a series of defected installations and accidents, the car was forced out of American market in 1992.

Yugo built a bad reputation for its lightweight, terrible handling, boxy design, and sparse insignificant features.


Chevrolet Cobalt

Chevrolet Cobalt

The second Chevrolet car in this list, Cobalt achieved good sales for a significant period of time, but after a while, the car was involved in one of the history’s worst automotive scandals.

The Cobalt had a defect in its ignition system that made the car turn off while speeding, which deactivated the safety system.

About 90 deaths were linked to the car defect in addition to other 193 injuries. Unfortunately Cobalt is an unforgettable case, it will cast a shadow of shame on GM for many years to come.

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