Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2017 review: Don’t judge a car by its body

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2017 review: Don’t judge a car by its body

Still, the notable Japanese car manufacturer ‘Mitsubishi’ insists on keeping with its old designs as the new Lancer Evolution model for this year won’t carry any noticeable alterations on its exterior body design.

Despite its repeated body design, the car continues to be favorable by a lot of car drivers due to its superb specs and power.

It’s a fine choice for speed heads that put acceleration power, powerful pinpoint reflexes, and handling abilities in their top priorities.

The new Lancer Evolution features a numerous refined features that are meant to improve its driving abilities including a standard all-wheel drive system, automated manual transmission, etc.



Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2017 Review

Under the hood

The Evo’s new engine for next year’s model is a turbocharged 2.0 litter four-cylinder one that is capable of producing a sheer 291 horse power.

The car offers a great traction and superb acceleration power thanks to this refined engine model lurking under its hood. It will be able to bolt from zero to 100 KMs in about 4.4 seconds, and its maximum speed is 238 KMs per hour.

There is a lot of information to talk about in the new Evo, however, they are all still speculations since the release date is in 2017.


Interior cabin

Unlike its exterior body design, the Lancer Evolution’s interior cabin has a bunch of refined features and added qualities that will help the vehicle occupy a better position in vehicles market, especially in Middle East and North Africa where it already stands on a formidable ground of popularity.

The new model features a wide touch screen offering a set of services including a navigation system, a top-notch audio system developed by Rockford Fostgate, cruise control system, rear-cross traffic alert, and a blind spot monitor.

Moreover, besides the new features, the new vehicle has improved some of its old ones such as the a tilt/telescopic steering wheel to be more adjustable, bigger cargo space, and better drive performance.

So, the new Evolution from Lancer is now smarter, cosier, more powerful, and has a fancier central console than before.


Evolution’s adversaries

There are many rivals who jostle with the Evolution on its target audience and market share. These adversaries share the same specs and price.

If you want a vehicle of Lancer Evolution’s same category, you can check the Volkswagen Golf R, Ford Focus ST, and the Subaru WRX STI which is available with better price.

The competition is fierce in this slice of the market; however, lancer has established a renowned reputation since its debut in 1973.



The new model of Lancer Evolution is available with a various set of marvelous colors carefully picked to fit the car design and dimensions and offer a magnificent exterior view.

The available colors are wicked white metallic, mercury grey pearl, octane blue, red metallic, black, silver metallic, and other colors yet to be revealed upon the car release next year.

It’s a nice to own a vehicle that possesses such fame and reputation which has proven to be very efficient for all causes to all its drivers.

The car has been very popular in the GCC region especially for first-time buyers. So, if you are checking to buy your first car and puzzled from the large amount of choices you have, don’t forget to see this one.

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