The Best Time to Buy a New Car, How To Decide Which Car To Buy

The Best Time to Buy a New Car, How To Decide Which Car To Buy

We could put another good title for this piece, when is it suitable to be a traitor and betray the first love? Here you can find some useful tips for how to decide which car to buy.

We all have this strong attachment that binds us with our car, especially if it’s our first one. Let’s admit it, we have something deep in our hearts towards the old Ford Crown Victoria or the classic Land Cruiser which helped us during our first few years of driving.

However, despite all that, there is a time when enough is enough. We thought about listing some of the main signs that mean that keeping your car is absolutely a loss and it’s time to replace it.


  • When the car isn’t safe anymore

When you feel shaky and not confident while driving your car, then it’s absolutely time to get rid of it and start looking for another one.

If you always expect the car to break down while driving it, then there must be something wrong, you either check it or buy it.

One day, it could break down on a highway and leave you stranded in the middle of the desert with no one to help. So, in order to be left in such a situation, act quickly and find a solution. Get yourself safer and more reliable tin can.

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  • Repair costs

The repair costs of your car shouldn’t exceed by any mean half of its market value. At a certain time, your car won’t stop complaining, and every time you run a check, you will a find a new problem. If this happens, it’s time to consider buying a new vehicle.

Maintenance and repairs could be a constant drain of your saving accounts. Sometimes it’s better to pay a monthly car installment instead of paying the repair costs of the old ride.


  • Not suitable any more

We pass through a lot of turns and a lot of phases in our life. When your car isn’t suitable for you’re the new phase of your life, for example, the cabin can’t occupy your family any more, or the trunk can’t take your luggage, then it’s time to look for new vehicle.


  • Spare parts

If you keep jumping from one store to another looking for a new pair of headlights for your vehicle or brake pads, then there must be something wrong, may be you are the only one still driving your car.

Finding new spare parts should be an easy task, but when it’s not any more, get rid of your ride and search for another newer one that still has its spare parts on store shelves.


  • Before buying

Before buying a new vehicle, you need to run a deep research and study the whole situation carefully in order to end up with a good and practical vehicle that could hold it together for long time, you don’t want to experience this pain again within 2 or 3 years.

Check car reviews websites and newspapers, ask your friends and acquaintances, and visit car agencies to find the most suitable vehicle to your needs.

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