How To Choose The Right Motor Oil For Your Car

How To Choose The Right Motor Oil For Your Car

Purchasing new spare parts, oils, and lubricants for your car could be a riddle, especially if you are not a cars expert and not really into its industry.

Engine oil is one of the car matters you need to deal with every while. According to car experts, drivers must change the engine oil once every 6 months or 10,000 KMs.

Car manufacturers might recommend a type or two of engine oils for your car. The recommendations are based on engine temperature and other specifications.

While buying a new oil bottle for your car, you need to check a number of matters that we will demonstrate through this article.


  • Viscosity

Viscosity of certain fluid means its thickness. For example honey has more viscosity than water.

In respect of practicality, high-viscosity engine oils are better for low-temperature areas since they are less likely to freeze.

Viscosity rate is noted on the oil bottle as XW-XX. The number that precedes the W refers to the oil’s performance at -17.8 degrees climate, the lower this number is, the better it performs in cold. So, 0W oil thickens less in cold weather than 5W, and a 5W thickens less than 10W.

The numbers after the W indicates the oil’s viscosity at 100 degrees climate. So, 10W-30 oil will thin in high temperature more than 10W-40. In hot areas like GCC region, you must sure that this number is higher than 40 at least.


  • Synthetic/Full-Synthetic

If you own a high-tech car with a bit sophisticated engine, it’s better to use full-synthetic engine oil. They have long-lasting endurance and provide high-performance even in critical times and situations.

Full-synthetic oils are three-times expensive if compared to conventional oil. If you a regular average car, you might not need to buy one. Check the car’s manual guide to find if it is necessary for your vehicle.

Synthetic oil is something in the middle between conventional and full-synthetic oils. It’s an ordinary one with a synthetic touch. They are designed to offer better performance at heavy roads and high temperatures. They are not really expensive, only a bit pricier than conventional oil.

How To Choose The Right Motor Oil

  • Mileage

It’s up to you to choose whether you want a 5,000 km or 10,000 km oil. It’s believed that 10,000 oils can last for 15,000 KMs. However, it’s better not to go on this venture and stick to the users’ manual guide.


  • Car Age

About 60% of the cars running around the streets have 100,000 KMs in their record. People now prefer to keep their cars for longer times and buy pre-owned vehicles instead of brand new ones mainly for economic reasons of course.

Given to this fact, oil developers now produce high-mileage oils that offer better performance and higher care for old cars.

Both, conventional and synthetic oils, feature seal conditioners to increase their flexibility and maximize the engine performance, increase its durability, and maintain its health to offer better drive for the car owner in all circumstances.

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