Ferrari Design Concepts Of 2040

Ferrari Design Concepts Of 2040

The Italian luxury cars manufacturer is thinking about how Ferrari cars will look like after 25 years, specifically in 2040.

Ferrari launched a design contest asking car designers to produce their design concepts of Ferrari cars in 2040. The company is trying to trace the future by digging into designers’ minds.

This is not the first time Ferrari sets a design contest. The cars company ran the first contest in 2005 and followed it up with another contest in 2012. So this is the first time.

During the first contest, 50 design schools took part by putting forward their visions of Ferrari’s future. Designs delivered then ranged between realistic concepts to wacky and queer ones.

Each school delivered three designs. Only four design schools between the 50 contestants are still remaining in the competition.

The four remaining design schools are: Hongik University in South Korea, Hochschule Pforzhheim in Germany, College for Creative Studies in Detroit, USA, and ISD-Rubika in France. They are all regarded as top design schools.

Ferrari mentioned that two prizes will be issued. The first winner will be chosen by public vote and the other winner will be picked by a professional panel that includes the racing driver Sebastian Vettel, the musician Jay Kay, and the car designer Paolo Pininfarina.

Some of the proposed car designs were available on Ferrari’s official Facebook page for internet users to see.


The contest winner

A students team from ISD-Rubika in Valenciennes, France won the panel’s nomination. The team included 3 French students and 3 Belgian students.

According to the panel, the design was chosen due to the completeness of the concept design and the coherence of car’s overall vision including the exterior design, the interior cabin, and the running gear.

The vehicle’s exterior design was recognizable despite that it included some Orthodox features that could be inspired from contemporary car designs.

The design team invented some new features and driving mechanisms in their car model ‘manifesto’.


Special recognition

The design panel picked a design that focused on the interior cabin only for the second place. The design was produced by Roman Egorov from Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany.

The third place went to a three-student team from the Korean Hongik University in Seoul. Their design concept was called ‘de esfera’.


Company’s background

Since its establishment, Ferrari always longs to take the next step in car industry and advance all its competitors. That’s why it launched the 2040 car design contest for instance.

The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 and made its first vehicle in 1940.

Ferrari is known for being a symbol of speed, luxury, and top craftsmanship. It is enough to say that the world’s most expensive car in history is a Ferrari one (Ferrari 250 GTO) which was sold for about 38 million dollars to an American businessman.

In racing arena, Ferrari won a considerable number of records and prizes. It holds the most constructors championships with 16 titles and has the highest number of winning drivers which is 15 drivers.

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