8 Fuel Saving Tips Every Driver Should Know

8 Fuel Saving Tips Every Driver Should Know

Since fuel prices are rising in GCC region these days amid the sharp decline in oil prices last year, we thought about combining a set of tips to help you decrease your fuel consumption and save more money.


  • One big trip instead of many trips

The car consumes a lot of fuel in its first five miles as the engine makes a lot of effort to warm the vehicle.

So, this means having more than one trip in the day will increase the fuel consumption, it’s better to have one long trip instead of many separated trips.

If today is Sunday, and you are looking for having more than one errand throughout the day, it’s better do them collectively instead of having each and every errand alone.


Fuel Saving Tips Every Driver Should Know


  • Avoid rush hours

Rush hours means traffic congestions which mean being stuck in traffic jams for long period of time. Every time you stop and start your engine, your vehicle consumes a lot of fuel.

Rush hours means wasting a lot of time, a lot of fuel, and a lot of energy. It’s better to avoid driving during rush hours, use public transportation means, or else, stay at home, no need for the hustle.


  • Close the windows

While speeding on the highway, close the windows and the sunroof as enabling the wind to pass through your car cabin will cost you a lot. It will make the engine do more effort to pull the vehicle.

Use the air vents during the course of the year, try also using the air conditioner when it gets too hot.


  • Reduce the car weight

Try not to carry heavy luggage in your car trunk during trips. The heavier your car weight, the more effort your engine will make in order to pull the vehicle, which means higher consumption of fuel.


  • Drive consistently

There is no need for overtaking other vehicles on the road while driving on highways. It’s better to drive consistently on a constant speed, preferably at 100 or 120 kph, instead of accelerating and braking every while.

No need to speed and compete with other vehicles on the road, don’t gratify as pleasuring your ego means larger fuel bills.


Fuel Saving Tips Every Driver Should Know


  • Acceleration technique

Don’t push the accelerator too hard while driving on a low gear, always shift once needed from a gear to another. Some people believe that driving on a high gear means consuming a lot of fuel. That’s a fallacy, you could be in a high gear and driving at a sensible speed.

Having an automatic transmission system will make it a lot easier for you. Check if changing from manual to automatic is available for your car.


  • Turn the air-conditioner off

Try to turn off the air conditioner when it’s not hot and enjoy the feeling of fresh air breeze touching your face.


  • Tire pressure

Check your car’s tires constantly. The lower the tire pressure, the more fuel the car will need to move on the road. If you don’t know the right pressure for your car tires, check the figures inside your door near the door lock.

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