The 4 Best Used and New Cars to Buy in Qatar | Auto Z Qatar

The 4 Best Used and New Cars to Buy in Qatar | Auto Z Qatar

Low Demand, Great Deals, High Quality: A Perfect Storm for Car Buyers

Even the best cars and SUVs on the market go through a sales slump now and then, and that’s when savvy shoppers can score a budget-friendly price. Determining the best time to buy can be a challenge though, as demand and pricing vary month to month, along with the special finance and lease incentives offered by automakers.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done the research. Using industry sales data, we’ve identified highly-ranked cars and SUVs that haven’t been selling well recently. Slow demand means you’ll have a good chance of negotiating a price below sticker at the dealership. Weak sales also incentivize manufacturers to offer buyer-friendly financing and lease deals, which can attract bargain shoppers to the showroom.

Just because these vehicles are in a sales slump doesn’t mean they fall short in terms of quality. In fact, they all have very good scores in our new car rankings, and a few have even earned awards this year. So if you’re looking for strong value in a great new car this July, this list is the perfect place to start your search.

2016 nissan x-trail

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Nissan’s X-Trail mid-size SUV often finds itself mixing with the best-sellers in its segment, and at least part of that popularity comes down to the wide variety of flavours it’s offered in. Given a handsome makeover in 2014, the X-Trail is offered in five or seven seat configurations, with buyers also able to opt for front- or four-wheel drive and a choice between petrol or diesel engines. But given its diminutive dimensions, those with a third row of seats will find space a little tighter than in a dedicated seven seat vehicle, while those who opt for a five seater will trade those two extra seats for improved boot space


Kia Soul 

Cars to Buy in Qatar


The Kia Soul is a clever hatchback that plays up style while it delivers a healthy dose of functionality and safety. It continues for 2015 with only a handful of changes, after last year receiving its first complete redesign since its original introduction. The redesign was evolutionary, building on the Soul’s unique place in the market. Kia also managed to address some of the boxy car’s flaws in the process. Ride, handling, and comfort have been improved, there are more standard and available features, and the space-efficient design saw enhancements.

The Soul defies categorization to some degree. It’s a small hatchback, but it doesn’t share the same swept-back profile that most small five-doors do. Instead, the Soul has a boxy profile and embraces its different look while capitalizing on it by providing more space for people and cargo. The design has a blunt front end, with a roof that appears to float over a blacked-out greenhouse. The rear end is dominated by tall taillamps, while the front end uses bug-eye headlights. The Soul’s interior has a somewhat funky design, with grown-up soft-touch materials. Ambient lighting from LEDs throughout the cabin provide mood lighting, if that’s your thing.

Kia used high-strength steel to create a stronger structure for the latest Soul. Its suspension was also reworked for 2014, and it provides a smooth, comfortable ride, but it’s taut enough to lend a feeling of security. The electric power steering system provides limited feedback, but offers three levels of weight—comfort, normal, and sport—that don’t add much to the driving experience


GMC Terrain

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While some classify the GMC Terrain as a compact crossover, others say it’s a midsize. The truth is the 2014 GMC Terrain enjoys the best of both designations. It offers fuel economy fit for a compact and the roominess of a midsize utility. Add to the equation trucklike styling and the GMC Terrain becomes a truly compelling package.

The Terrain delivers on many fronts, much like its almost identical counterpart, the well-rounded Chevrolet Equinox. Both crossovers are competent people-haulers, emphasizing comfort, fuel economy, refinement and roominess, all things held in regard by those shopping for a family vehicle. But the Terrain sets itself apart with distinctive styling elements such as a prominent grille, oversize wheel arches and squared-off body panels.

Despite its rugged name, the Terrain does not offer any off-road capability. To the contrary, the only terrain that the Terrain is truly suited for is asphalt. The Terrain’s available all-wheel-drive system is fine for handling harsh weather and road conditions, but it’s less than ideal for treading a muddy trail through the woods.

Ford edge

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As part of Ford’s extensive crossover/SUV lineup, which includes the 5-passenger compact Escape, the 6- or 7-passenger almost-full-size Explorer and the truck-based 7- or 8-passenger Expedition, the 2012 Ford Edge puts a stylish face on practicality.

The Edge can tow up to 3,500 pounds or tote 68.9 cu ft of cargo with its rear seats folded. The 2012 models keep the wide-mouth 3-bar grille and wraparound headlamps that debuted in 2011. The 2012 Edge continues to be available with the MyFord Touch electronic infotainment system, which replaces traditional knobs and buttons. Sport versions offer a sinister-looking blacked-out grille and a more powerful V6 while riding on big, bold 22-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels.

New for 2013 is an optional 2.0-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder turbo engine that offers an impressive blend of performance and fuel economy.

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